miercuri, 23 noiembrie 2011


Hello again! :)
I was kinda melancholic today, and I was passing by Piata Amzei when I saw this little decoration shop with all kinds of colorful stuff inside, so I went in... Only to discover the most Christmasy place in the world! With all kinds of plush bears and reindeer and stars and OH MY GOD! There were lots of lovely candles and tea cups and I'm so very sorry I didn't have my camera with me! I could almost feel the taste of cinnamon and apple pie on Christmas night!
It's called Pierrot ( don't let the pictures on the online shop fool you, they have many more cute brilliant stuff in the shop, it's like 1% of the awesomeness you're gonna find if you'll actually go there ), and I'm deffinitely going to return there next month to buy some Christmas presents for the ones I love!

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