luni, 31 octombrie 2011

Kitteh Kat necklace

I found this awesome piece of jewelery today, thanks to tumblr!
It's most certainly original, funny yet stylish. It was made by a lovely lady named Kaye Blegvad, who, besides stuff like this, does plenty of cool illustrations and is also a photographer!

joi, 27 octombrie 2011

27 Oct

I swear I shall make those damn ribbon headbands this weekend!!!!

vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

..siii Bloglovin

Hello again!
Tocmai am descoperit site-ul asta, si mi se pare foarte practic, dintr-odata totul devine a piece of cake, puteti sa va faceti cont, sa va inscrieti blogul, si sa urmariti blogurile preferate, iar el va anunta de fiecare data cand apare un post nou pe blogurile care va intereseaza.
Awesome is the word! ( a devenit un obicei.. )

We have a Guest today!

Hello ladies!

Vroiam sa va spun ca AICI veti gasi o serie de haine, rochite si sacouri, Killah, H&M, Zara si multe altele, majoritatea noi, nepurtate!
Hainele nu sunt ale mele, sunt ale Ralucai, insa daca sunteti interesate ma puteti contacta pe .
Mai jos v-am pus cateva din piesele mele preferate!

Poze cu toate hainele puteti vedea dand click pe linkul de mai jos:

duminică, 16 octombrie 2011

Autumn trip at Runcu

So I just came home from the coldesT trip I've been on lately, it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, all pretty pretty nature, but oh the wind was blowing so hard! And it wasn't as if I had my winter coat on...
But I fought the cold, and took some pictures, which I then skilfully edited and posted here.. Yes sir, I am feeling quite artsy these past days!

sâmbătă, 15 octombrie 2011


pret general valabil 15 RON/produs ( - converse ) , sau 3 produse 40 RON

Va las in acest weekend cu o ilustratie simpatica, de Alex Noriega care are o serie intreaga de desene si desenute in acelasi stil amuzant si lovable.

marți, 11 octombrie 2011

The Bow Headband

Well I bet Alice had no idea what fashion icon she'd end up being while she was playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts!
I've seen more and more of them lately, and I find it funny how they can easily change from funky to elegant or romantic, or how they work well with any type of hairstyle, be it short with bangs, or long and wavy.. so they're actually one versatile accessory.
Actually, I guess they've always been there, I just failed to notice them ( aren't I an ignorant.. )
So I'm gonna make a habit out of wearing these as often as I can, and one of these days I'm gonna start a little project and try making some original designs! :D
This is one of my favourites, I found it two days ago in the store for a bit more than I could handle, but simply looking at it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside anyway..

See you soon, with shiny colourfull things in our hair I hope!

sâmbătă, 8 octombrie 2011

Reducere Converse

Stare: Buna
MArime: 39
Pret nou 60 RON

vineri, 7 octombrie 2011


They have the prettiest, most girlish, pink puff site in the world.
It kinda makes me feel like a princess just surfing all over it. You
can check it out here:

Not to mention the affiliation with french singer Olivia Ruiz who
fits perfectly into the spirit of the boutique.

miercuri, 5 octombrie 2011

Ultimele 4 rochii REDUSE

Rochia Killah: pret nou 30RON
Celelalte trei: pret nou 20RON

duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

sâmbătă, 1 octombrie 2011

My proposals

Tricou Pimkie, marime M
Stare foarte buna
Pret 20 RON

Tricou alb cu aplicatie
Marime M
Stare buna
Pret 20 RON

The cropped tee

Here's an online shop you should deffinitely check out, NastyGal , where awesome new stuff arrives every once in a while. These are just two of their selection of cropped tees, but on their site listed up above you'll find a great variety of them, and many more amazing pieces. The hardest thing is to decide what to pick :)